The 'Sun' in Native of the Sun represents the idea that we are all unified by this one thing that gives us light, happiness, and strength.

Hi mama! I'm Jessi, the founder, and designer behind Native of the Sun. I have been in love with swimwear since I was a kid and I come from a line of bikini lovers. My Great Grandmother used to make custom swimsuits for what was the 'beginning' of Hollywood celebrities, she passed her love of bikinis to my Mom, who would make and sell them on the San Diego boardwalk in the 70's. Having learned to sew from my Grandma and Mom was an amazing skill passed down that I have cherished all my life and I still use the old pattern making tools handed down to me from the generations.


I started a swimwear brand in 2012 and it did great, got some cool press, and was pretty successful overall...and then I got pregnant. When I went for my first OB visit, I also learned I had a very high level of cervical cancerous cells,  which I would have to deal with after giving birth. I continued the brand throughout my pregnancy and did okay, but then I had my son, Zion, by emergency c-section and my body didn't handle it well. I wasn't prepared for what would be a long year of recovery and was mostly bed-ridden for the first few months of Zion's life. Thankfully the cancerous cells were the least of my worries but this took a toll on my company and I decided to close it down.


Two years later, life has changed a lot! We moved from busy LA to the base of a mountain in Arizona and have slowed down to focus on family with a healthy sprinkle of running the business. I design and sew all the samples, my husband does all the photography, and Zion is right there 'werkin' with us! We keep production small and sustainable out of two factories here in AZ and in Bali. Native of the Sun is not only a fresh start, but it's also a symbol that motherhood can have ups and downs. We all go through very different versions of it, but we all share the title of 'mama' and I want to celebrate the stages of it through this brand!


With love from our family to yours,


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