The 'Sun' in Native of the Sun represents the idea that we are all unified by this one thing that gives us light, happiness, and strength.

I'm Jessi, the founder, and designer behind Native of the Sun or "nots". I have been in love with bikinis since I was a kid and I come from a line of swimwear lovers! My Great Grandmother made custom swimsuits for what was the 'beginning' of Hollywood celebrities, she passed her love of bikinis to my Mom, who would make and sell them on the San Diego boardwalk in the 70's. Having learned to sew from my Grandma and Mom was an amazing skill passed down that I have cherished all my life and I still use the old pattern making tools handed down to me from the generations.


I lived most of my childhood in San Diego and moved with my family to Arizona when I was a teenager. Once I became 18, I knew I wanted to head back to CA to pursue my love for designing bikinis. I went to FIDM and focused my degree on the Swim and Surf industry and worked for Roxy for several years before opening up my own surf shop in Venice Beach with my then-boyfriend. We eventually closed shop once rents started soaring and I went back to Roxy for a couple more years. Time went by and I kept having this burning feeling that I needed to have my own brand. Fast-forward through a wedding, having a baby, moving back to AZ, and here I am living my dream again! 


I design and sew all the samples as well as the small drops and for larger production, I have the bikinis manufactured out of two small and sustainable factories here in AZ and in Bali. All of my fabric is sourced from an eco-friendly supplier in Los Angeles, and the notions and trims all come from a sustainable manufacturer in Canada. I also use fully biodegradable packaging, dissolvable stickers and labels, and heat press my own care labels to get rid of physical tags. All leftover fabric is saved for my future kid's line, so there really is NO waste! I've tried to think of everything and continue to research more sustainable practices. 

I thank you so much for supporting a small women-owned business and can't wait to make you a bikini to soak up the sun in!




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