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Adrianna Matta is the creative soul behind the bikini blog She has been writing about swimwear for years and has been a beacon for bikini advice on fit, brands to watch, and ways to make income off of being a bikini-lover!

Aside from being a blogger, with two Master Degrees under her belt, Adrianna is a true Mom boss; a licensed esthetician, a digital marketing freelancer, and a network marketing mentor.

We asked Adrianna if she had any advice for mamas that she wanted to share...

No mom knows what they are doing. Instinct is everything, is YOUR baby you know what to do.

When we asked her about her pregnancy journey, her beautiful words about it were "It was amazing, I never had any pain or anything negative. I loved it so much, I want another baby".

Another Baby Matta someday soon, yes!!

Make sure to follow Adri's IG @alittlebikini for all the best reviews and advice on swimwear brands that you need to know about!

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