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We first started following Annalisa on her beautiful Instagram a few years back and always dreamed of working with her someday! She is an ambitious woman with a true creative soul, a beach lover, and young professional. She tells beautiful stories through her heartfelt and unique content. She is expecting her son in a few months and is such a beautiful pregnant mama-to-be!

Her positivity shines brightly through her work and she inspires others to spread love every day through her IG posts. If you're looking for a feel-good and authentic woman, join her community @annalisa.veronica

We sent over a few questions for Annalisa about her pregnancy journey and we're excited to share her answers with you!

NOTS - How has pregnancy changed your life?

AV - I feel like it's so easy to live your life a certain way when you only have to care about yourself but when you have someone depending on you it just changes how you see the world. I feel a whole new purpose from the foods I eat to the ways I choose to spend my time. I feel like everything I do, every choice I make has more thought and more purpose behind it.

NOTS - How did you choose your children's name(s)?

AV - Without revealing the name of baby boy, we chose the name for a few reasons. I come from a family of all girls so I asked my parents what they would've named one of their children if they had a boy and one of the choices also happened to relate to a family name on my husband's side of the family. We hadn't agreed on a name until we both fell in love with this one. It worked perfectly.

NOTS - How do you implement sustainability into your life?

I think the biggest thing is to not waist. Don't waste plastic by using metal straws and reusable bags. Don't take 20-minute showers when all you have to do is wash your hair, don't waste food by ordering more then you know you can eat. It may sound simple but if you can implement these simple things into your life you will be surprised how much this can help preserve our environment.

NOTS - What has been your pregnancy experience?

This is my first pregnancy. It was a surprise and is such a blessing. I have loved being pregnant. Feeling the baby kick is probably one of the most magical things I have ever felt in my life, even when it's painful. I love watching my husband grow and want to work to be the best father he can be for our baby. Being in a situation where I haven't been able to share this time with a lot of my friends and family has been tough but I also think it's special to be able to have this be a more personal experience.

There really isn't anything that can prepare you for the emotions and physical changes of pregnancy but I truly think it's easily one of the most special times in a woman's life. - Annalisa Veronica

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