Native Mama Cait Regan

Updated: May 2, 2020

We are so excited to have worked with this beautiful mama for our Mothers Day campaign! Cait and her baby boy, Wave, are just the sweetest little duo. We asked Cait a couple questions about her motherhood journey and we’re pretty much in tears from her heartfelt words. Becoming and being a mom is literally life-changing...It’s so nice to hear from other mamas and have that sense of unity through this experience.

We asked Cait how becoming a mom changed her life...

”Becoming a mom really centered me and brought me back to what truly matters in life. The moment your baby takes their first breath, nothing else matters. You don’t care about money, or clothes, or cars, or fancy homes - all you care about is happiness, love, laughter, and health. It has been the most humbling and most beautiful experience of my life. Becoming a mom has made me a better person”.

Since we are a sustainably made brand, we love to know about the sustainable community and what other brands our mamas love within it! So we asked Cait what brands she adores...

“I’m a diehard Mate the Label fan! Organi, non-toxic, and sustainable clothing Made in LA! Such comfy pieces for pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. And for baby; I love The Simple Folk Co. and All The Babies Co.”

We love all of those brands, too! Mate was actually a big inspiration for us to strive towards a fully sustainable model when we first started the idea of NOTS!

With a ton of love and respect for her creativity, we are so stoked to have worked w9th Cait. You can follow her stunning feed on IG @CaitRegan_

We’re featuring a Native Mama every day up to Mother's Day and are really excited to share this campaign with you all! If you dig the bikini Cait is wearing, it's our Meadow top in Sand, you can pair it with the Georgia bottoms or Coco bottoms.

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