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Chelsea Ann is mama to two beautiful girls as well as a certified Yoga instructor. She is one of those women that you seem to automatically feel connected to. Her energy and light shine bright and she has a calmness in her yoga videos that you want to naturally gravitate towards and learn from her.

We asked Chelsea a few questions about her motherhood journey and how she blends her yoga life in with mommy life.

NOTS - How did becoming a Mom, or being pregnant change your life?

CA - I was forced to drop any kind of control and surrender to the journey life was taking me on. All I had once known about myself, was put aside and who I was becoming was taking up all of that space that once was. 

NOTS - Do you have a cool 'mom tip' that you love using or have learned over time that has helped with motherhood?

CA - Surrender to the ebb and flow and enjoy every moment, even during the times you feel will break you, because those moments will pass, and you will come out stronger and even closer to those beautiful beings of light, that you have been given the blessing of raising. 

NOTS - How did you choose your daughters' names?

CA - My oldest daughter, Kimberly is named after my mom who passed away when I was 13 years old. I wanted to stick with the “K “theme so we wanted a name that started with K, for our youngest daughter, and her name is Kori. 

NOTS - Do you have any go-to sustainable/clean brands that you love as a mama?

CA - Healthe Lighting, energy-efficient circadian LED lights. 

NOTS - What is the hardest thing for you about motherhood?

CA - The hardest thing for me about motherhood is balancing work, the household demands, to ensure that both girls get the quality time they deserve in a world so full of distractions. 

NOTS - How do you implement sustainability into your life?

CA - In our daily lives we go out of our way to eliminate purchasing items with unnecessary packing, we also try to purchase items that are well constructed so that they last and are able to be passed down. Another way that we implement sustainably is by taking shorter showers, as well as taking many other measures to reduce and preserve our natural resources. 

NOTS - What was your pregnancy experience?

CA - My first pregnancy I was young, I was 19 years old, and my second was at age 25. Both very different, yet both were very easy going, healthful, and both were beautiful experiences in their own unique ways. I was excited to allow life to unfold, and to let pure life blossom from within me.

Make sure to go follow Chelsea's IG, she works with ALO Yoga a lot and shares beautiful yoga practices @ChelseaAnnYoga. If you're in Flordia, Chelsea teaches in the Cocoa Beach, here is a link to her classes! Thank you, Chelsea, for being a part of our Native Mama tribe!

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