Native Mama - Claudia Vazquez

Meet Claudia Vazquez, a plant-loving mama who lives in Puerto Rico with her partner and son. She is a true ray-of-sunshine kind of woman and her creativity shines when you see her beautiful pottery and plant designs! She posts all of her designs on her IG stories, so head over to her IG if you want to look at her work!

We asked Claudia how motherhood has changed her life...

Becoming a mommy changed my life completely.  For me, being responsible for another person who I love with all my heart and want nothing but the best for changed me and pushed me to be better.  It motivated me to open my first business and keeps motivating me every day. 

We also wanted to know a little more about her love for plants!

We have a home garden and around fifty different species of plants all around our house.  Planting is like my therapy and it’s my favorite thing to do when I feel stressed out or anxious; it calms me and makes me happy.  Plants are my other babies.

We asked Claudia if there was anything else she loves doing, especially since she lives on a beautiful island!

I live in Puerto Rico which is a small Island so my second home is the beach. We go to the beach at least 2 time a week.  Every weekend we go on road trips to a different beach of the Island.  We have the most beautiful beaches and the most delicious food, so exploring my beautiful island is another cool hobby I love.

Thank you for following along on Claudia's mama journey!

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