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Having connected with Halley over IG, we knew we would fall in love with her story and motherhood journey. She the writer behind her lifestyle blog Mum You the Daddy where she shares inspiration and real-life with others. We appreciate her path to motherhood because she is open about the fact that her 'unplanned, but miraculous baby' has changed her life for so much better. A lot of us have planned little ones, but just as many are unplanned! They come along when we might not feel financially ready, or maybe when we've just started a new career. Life happens when you're busy planning, right?

I encourage you to follow her blog and IG @Halley_Pardy to 'find a REAL place to connect, be inspired, and share on this chaotic, beautiful journey through life, parenthood, and everything in-between'.

When we asked Halley about her mama journey, here's what she had to say...

Motherhood is one of life’s perfectly, imperfect pleasures for me. I love it all, the magic moments, the meltdowns, and everything in between. My motherhood/pregnancy journey has been a crazy one to say the least-it went unnoticed for thirty-two weeks and not just by those around me but, by my gynecologist and even myself. This was due to a number of factors but, I am proud to say, that my baby boy Ryker was birthed without complications and perfectly healthy.

Life as a mother, a single one at that, has been brilliantly fulfilling and although I had not planned to become a mother when I did, I have chosen every day to be a mother and it has been the most magical and rewarding journey I have endeavored.

There will be tough days, it will be stressful, it will be exhausting but, the joy a child brings to your life is like no other. You are all brave, beautiful, and stronger than hell! - Halley Pardy

Halley is wearing the Georgia bottoms and Natalie top in Agate.

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