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The first thing we noticed about Jen, was her creativity. This woman has an amazing way of showing her journey through her work as a lifestyle blogger and content creator. She brings you into her world and makes you feel like you can do anything as a mama. With her baby Teagan on her hip, she curates images and videos that capture and inspire you.

When we asked Jen to be a part of our Mamas in Bikinis campaign for Mother's Day, we were beyond the moon that she wanted to join in! We sent her the Kelsey Top and Kofey Bottoms in Tanzanite and were in (happy) tears when we saw her photos that perfectly combine her confidence, sweetness, and strength.

Besides being a new mom, Jen is the head of social media for a healthcare association, She is also a photographer alongside her husband, She's a very happy wife, bonus mom to wonderful bonus children, an aspiring creative director, and an athlete. (wow) Jen has also been blogging for nearly 10 years, you can check out her amazing blog here:

We asked Jen a few questions about her motherhood journey...

NOTS - How did becoming a Mom, or being pregnant change your life?

JJP - Is there even enough time for this question. Honestly, I had a lot of anxiety and doubt about becoming a mother. I was just starting to feel like my life was on the track that I wanted and was sad at first that I was pregnant because I knew life would change. And life did change. ALOT! But I see now that my daughter has truly enriched my life. I am still able to do things I used to but I just have to fit her into it or fit it around her. Being with my family is absolutely number 1 now. My pregnancy was extremely hard. I suffered from hyperemesis for the entire pregnancy and because of it, I did not enjoy the journey. I felt as if I was fighting for my life, her life, and my sanity the whole time. This taught me a lot about the human body, the human mind, what is in our food, and the importance of advocating for yourself. I am a lot stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally now

NOTS - Do you have a cool 'mom tip' that you love using or have learned over time that has helped with motherhood?

JJP - I am so incredibly new to this and I don't even know if I am a cool mom but I do love turning up the music and putting Teagan in her rocker chair and just dancing around for her. It always makes her smile and giggle and it helps her with tracking me around a room.

NOTS - How did you choose Teagan's name?

JJP - Jermaine (my husband) and I used a baby name app. We both individually went through the app and chose names and then the app showed us any that we matched on. Out of near 800 names, we matched on 6. But I also have always loved Irish names. 

NOTS - Do you have any go-to sustainable/clean brands that you love as a mama?

JJP - Definitely the Honest Company right now.

NOTS - What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

JJP - My favorite thing is Teagan. Honestly, motherhood is hard AF and its 24-7 work. We are working even when sleeping because we don't ever fully sleep. Our minds whether conscious or subconsciously are always thinking about our family and what we need to do. But I love that I can see myself through her. She may not physically resemble me but she is all me so far in personality.

NOTS - What is the hardest thing for you about motherhood?

JJP - EVERYTHING! Hahah. Honestly the hardest few things are: mom guilt, not enough time in the day, having to listen to unsolicited advice over and over, and being away from your baby when going back to work.

NOTS - What was your pregnancy experience?

JJP - My pregnancy was uncharacteristically hard. I spoke in another question about my struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that affects 2-3% of pregnant women.

I was nauseous all day, every single day and I vomited nearly everything I ate or drank. It was not a morning thing but an all-day thing. I lost 50lbs in my pregnancy and I was on home IVs, iron infusions, anti-emetic pumps just to try and make it through the day. I spent all my time indoors and avoided people. I did not go out because I would vomit any and everywhere and for no reason at all. Sometimes upwards of 15 times a day. I lost count but at one point my total vomits were at 231 and I believe I was 25 weeks pregnant at that point.

It caused me to be depressed and even at times not want my baby because I blamed her and the hormones. It was a very, very tough time for me. My goal now is to raise even more awareness for this condition and hope that speaking out will help those suffering in the future. Also, I hope that speaking out helps bring more research for the cause of this condition, how to treat it, and help health care professionals understand it is NOT in a woman's head. Advocating for myself was tough. So many did not take it seriously at all.

We asked Jen if there was anything else she wanted to share with other moms...

You are the absolute perfect mother for your child. Block out the noise and do what is best for you and your family. Also remember that you do have a life outside of your baby and it is perfectly fine to want to step away here and there. It is healthy and it helps you be an even better mama. 

Big thank you to Jen! Make sure you go follow this amazing mama on IG @JenJeanPierre

xo, Jessi

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