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Today we feature a mama who has a truly adventurous soul. She is mom to baby Sage and currently in Flordia. But that is all about to change! Kelsey, her husband, and Sage are selling EVERYTHING they own and are starting an epic journey of living abroad. First stop, Costa Rica.

I think Kelsey is a testament to continuing to follow your dreams even as you enter the stage of motherhood. So many women feel they need to put their dreams away in a little box forever once they become a mom, but the truth is you can keep those dreams alive while being an amazing mother! Of course, it takes a bit of extra work, whether it's finishing a degree, starting your business, or embarking on a journey like Kelsey's. But it's worth it.

It's also okay to realize that your dreams just might take a little longer to manifest than before baby! I used to be able to create a goal list of 10-15 things for the day and would tick them all I'm happy if I get to 2 or 3! Life slows down with a child, but it certainly does not stop. I love Kelsey's' IG feed, it is filled with not only beautiful photos but with motivational words. We want to share what Kelsey had to say about her motherhood and life's work, so here's her answers to a few of the questions we asked!

NOTS -Aside from being an amazing mom, do you have anything you would like to be recognized for?

KS - Let’s say I’ve always been a Jill of all trades. Currently transitioning out of my nursing career to travel full time. Apart from a full-time mama, I run an online coaching biz, teach yoga, and shoot portrait photography.

NOTS - How did becoming a Mom change your life?

KS - Becoming a mom changed everything for me. The first months were pretty tough because I never realized how much everything would change and I would have to say goodbye to my former life. A year later my girl is now one and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the woman I’ve become and my girl has made me such a greater person. She has been my teacher through it all.

NOTS - Do you have a cool 'mom tip' that you love using or have learned over time that has helped with motherhood?

KS - When you first wake up, don’t check your phone and [instead] spend the first hour doing a morning routine you love. Sage is best at playing independently in the morning so I utilize that time so I can fill my cup and so I can show up as my best self and be there for her for the rest of the day.

NOTS - How did you choose Sage's name?

KS - Since I was a little girl I knew my daughter would be named Sage. Isla is her first name and my husband and I love Spanish and it’s meaning ~ Island. I grew up on an island so we think it fit perfectly, Isla Sage.

NOTS - What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

KS - Every day is an adventure with my little bestie! I love seeing the world through her eyes and love to bring her joy every single day.

NOTS - What is the hardest thing for you about motherhood?

KS - When I first became a mama even the littlest tasks were so daunting since babe was pretty much attached at my boob for her first year of life. I just realized I had to go for it and she would adapt. And if she’s really not having it, whatever it may be (cleaning, organizing, etc.) would just have to wait until I have help from her grandparents or my hubs.

NOTS - How do you implement sustainability into your life?

KS - We try to live as sustainable as possible! Shop at our local farmers market, support local and small businesses, we think about each and every purchase and it’s impact on the earth. We love our silicone straws, bamboo cutlery we take everywhere and always have a mason jar with us. We shop in bulk and cloth diaper Sage. We have a medical grade water ionizer which has replaced all of our cleaning products and gives us the best drinking water so we rarely have to purchase anything in plastic.

NOTS - What was your pregnancy experience?

KS - Honestly I didn’t love being pregnant. I was pretty sick for the first half and then the uncomfortably big stage came. I did my best to eat healthy, vibrant foods and work out or just walk/yoga as much as I could. I had a dream home birth and I believe my mindfulness in pregnancy made all the difference.

NOTS - Is there anything you want to share with other moms?

Stay present. People all the time tell me “it goes by so fast” but I truly believe our first year as parents didn’t go by fast since we were very present with Sage and have soaked up every second. And take a million photos. You won’t regret a single one.

Thank you to Kelsey for being a part of our Mamas in Bikinis Campaign! Don't forget to follow Kelsey @SaltyGypsy on the gram to follow her story as she gets ready to go explore the world with her beautiful family!!

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